Gregory Wee

Gregory Wee

Special Counsel

Greg Wee has extensive legal background with over 20 years of experience. He graduated from the University of Sydney with degrees in Law (Hons) and Environmental Science. Although a specialist in property law, he has a broad range of skills, experience and expertise across all fields of law, in particular commercial law. As the lead of EA’s front-end practice he focuses on commercial dealings, principally land-related, but also a broader role in which, due to his experience both in niche and general practice, he is able to advise clients on their full range of legal issues including building and construction, company and trusts law and finance.

Over the course of his career, Greg has acted for and advised substantial clients in leasing deals, property developments and in the purchase of landmark commercial buildings, land holdings and large-scale business, as well as assisting small businesses and everyday clients in establishing themselves in the market, or buying their home.

Greg also heads up EA’s wills, probate and estate practice, and assists clients both with preparing their estate position and assisting executors in administering estates when the time comes.

As lead on EA’s back-end practice, Greg acts for and supports his clients in getting the best possible results in litigation across the entire range of his expertise, but particularly land, construction, succession, planning and commercial law litigation.

Greg also boasts familiarity in the fields Family Law, Insolvency, Traffic and Criminal Law.

Greg believes in maintaining an active life and identity outside of work. As having had a brief stint in the military and a having been a keen sportsman in his prime, he still enjoys involvement with sports and fitness, and maintains a bond with his playing days by refereeing school games in sports such as basketball and rugby. He maintains a long interest in his extra-legal amateur activities as a poet, musician, scientist, historian, counsellor and philosopher, and enjoys conversing with people about the diverse topics affecting society and the world. He is a firm supporter of various charitable causes and organisations, and a passionate advocate of human rights.